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totalElement Small Round Magnetic Fastener/ID Badge Holder with 3M Adhesive (10 Pack)

1 Inch Heavy-Duty Round Magnetic Fastener/ID Badge Holder with 3M Adhesive (20 Pack)

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• Strong, safe and secure – will not damage your clothing or uniform
• Stainless steel design is 23mm in diameter by 5mm thick
• Round front plate has adhesive, back plate has small Neodymium magnet
• Ideal for school, office, police, fire, medical and other staff – also trade shows, conferences and other group events
• Set of 20

totalElement round Neodymium magnetic fasteners run circles around the competition. They’re safe, strong and extremely durable – and this makes them perfect for holding name tags, ID badges, campaign/slogan buttons and other items safely and securely – without damaging clothing or uniforms.

These small, strong, lightweight round fasteners/badge holders are designed in two pieces: the inside or anchor plate with a small yet powerful Neodymium magnet built in, and the outside or front plate with an adhesive backing to hold your badge, button or other item. The inside anchor plate can be easily placed inside your jacket or lapel, with the front or outside plate secured on the outside of your jacket or lapel ready to attach your badge, name tag, etc..

These fasteners are preferred over other forms of badge and ID attachments because they do not damage clothing or uniforms, as they do not require you to insert a pin through your jacket to wear an ID badge or name tag.

Plus, these totalElement magnetic badge holders also provide a safer alternative to wearing a lanyard around your neck for your ID. This is because lanyards often swing outward and can get caught when you move or lean over, potentially posing a safety risk.