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Waterproof Neodymium Sewing Magnets

Sewing magnets, also called “sew in” magnets, are typically the best choice for use with fabrics as magnetic attachments, fasteners or clasps.

Designed for clothes, drapes, slipcovers, bedspreads, liners and other items that are washed or dry-cleaned regularly, each magnet is sealed in a flexible water-tight plastic sheath for protection against moisture and corrosion; and to ensure that the magnetic closure provides long-lasting performance and dependability. In addition, the plastic sheaths feature wide sewing borders for easy sewing into garments and fabrics.

Finally, each magnet is also encased in a steel cup within the plastic sheath for added durability; and magnets are sold in matched north/south pairs. See our selection of super-strong neodymium sewing magnets below, listed in ascending order from small and medium to large.