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1,100lb Monster Neodymium Rare Earth Fishing Magnet Kit with 65ft Rope and Gloves

  • $ 89.99 USD

  • Extremely Strong High-Powered 1,100lb Pull Force Monster Magnet:  Incredibly strong magnet enables you to achieve maximum retrieval capabilities.

  • High-Tensile 65ft Rope with Carabiner Clip: Super-strong 8mm-thick rope and heavy-duty carabiner clip ensure you won’t lose your catch on the way up.

  • Nylon Gloves Included: Nylon nitrile-coated gloves protect your hands when handling the rope and cleaning the magnet. 

  • Ideal for Underwater Exploration: A reliable tool for magnetic fishing, metal detection, underwater salvage, scientific exploration, and other underwater endeavors.

  • Ideal for Retrieving Large Metal Objects: This magnet will attract large metal debris, safes and lockboxes, heavy tools, hardware, auto parts, industrial equipment, anchors, chains, fishing gear, small boats, bicycles, motorcycles, outdoor furniture and equipment, large scrap metal pieces, and practically anything else made of ferromagnetic material.

Safety Warning - Fishing Magnets are Not Toys

This phenomenally powerful 1,100lb fishing magnet is engineered for maximum strength and must be handled with extreme caution. Please keep it away from all electronic devices, medical implants, and unintended metal surfaces. Fishing magnets are not toys and can be quite dangerous - and must always be kept out of reach by children and pets.

You Never Know What You'll Find!

Dive deep into the underwater world with this extremely high-powered Neodymium Fishing Magnet Kit. Will you find trash or treasure, historical artifacts, or just some rusted-out old metal junk?

You never know - and that’s what makes magnet fishing so exciting. With this in mind, our latest underwater magnetic tool kit is specially designed to make your underwater endeavors and explorations as safe and productive as possible.

Engineered for Maximum Retrieval Capabilities

For starters, the magnet itself is robust and very powerful. It is scientifically engineered with neodymium, a high-quality rare earth material that boasts the world’s highest industrial strength pull force capacity.

The magnet’s single-sided design offers a concentrated magnetic field on one side, leading to a stronger, more focused pull. This powerful magnetic pull ensures precise targeting of metal objects, reducing unwanted attraction on the sides.

Our durable and rust-resistant fishing magnet is accompanied by a 65-foot long, 6mm thick, high-tensile strength nylon rope. Its superior strength and reliability add to the magnet kit’s longevity. For a secure connection, a heavy-duty carabiner clip is included for attaching the magnet to the rope, ensuring your magnet stays firmly anchored.

A pair of nitrile-coated nylon work gloves are also included in the kit for enhanced comfort and safety. These gloves protect your hands from sharp debris and provide a reliable grip during retrieval.

Powerful, Versatile, and Easy to Use

Securely attach the heavy-duty clip to the magnet and the other end to the rope, and then drop or throw the magnet into your favorite lake or body of water. As you pull it back from below the water’s surface, you'll feel the magnet's powerful pull as it attaches to submerged metal objects.

A 1,100lb fishing magnet, with its incredibly high pulling force, is capable of attracting and lifting a wide range of heavy objects from underwater, including:

  • Large Tools and Equipment: This magnet's immense strength enables it to retrieve large and heavy tools such as wrenches, pliers, hammers, crowbars, or other handheld tools that may have fallen or been dropped into the water.Large Tools and Equipment: This high-strength magnet allows you to retrieve larger and heavier tools, including wrenches, pliers, hammers, crowbars, or other handheld tools that may have been dropped into the water. Large Metallic Debris: This magnet's strength allows it to retrieve larger metallic debris, such as small car parts (broken bumpers, fenders, exhaust pipes), motorcycle parts (engines, frames), metal beams, pipes, or construction materials.

  • Automotive and Machinery Parts: A 1,100lb fishing magnet can also attract and lift substantial automotive parts, machinery components, and heavy metal structures commonly used in industrial settings.

  • Bicycles, Motorcycles, and Vehicles: This super potent 1,100lb fishing magnet can also pull up bicycles, motorcycles, or even some smaller vehicles like scooters and ATV parts, along with their major components like frames, engines, wheels, exhaust systems, and other metal parts.

  • Boats, Boat Hardware, and Anchors: This magnet can also collect heavy boat hardware such as anchors, chains, cleats, or other metallic components that may have become detached or lost underwater. In some cases, the magnet's strength may be sufficient to retrieve small boats, dinghies, or watercraft, depending on their size, design, and buoyancy.

  • Large Metallic Debris: If large metallic debris, including metal beams, pipes, rods, or construction materials, has fallen into the water - this magnet can also help you locate and retrieve these objects.

  • Fishing Gear and Tackle: Other items you can attract and retrieve include fishing hooks, lures, sinkers, fishing rods, or other heavy metallic fishing gear that may have been lost in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, bays, marinas, and ponds.

  • Heavy Scrap Metal and Salvage: A 1,100-pound fishing magnet is also useful for collecting heavy scrap metal objects, salvaging larger iron or steel pieces, metal furniture parts, or other discarded heavy metal items.

  • Large Metal Artifacts and Treasures: Last but certainly not least, if you’re a treasure hunter looking to recover historical or valuable metal artifacts that have been submerged underwater - you’re in luck, as this magnet has the power to help you locate and retrieve them.

It's important to note that the actual items a fishing magnet can pick up will depend on various factors, including the magnet's design, the conditions in which it is used, and the size, weight, and magnetic properties of the objects being retrieved. Also, the magnet's ability to hold and lift certain objects may also depend on the shape and surface area of the object underwater.

When you’re done using your fishing magnet, put on the included gloves, clean and dry the magnet thoroughly, and put it back in the protective foam safety cube that it came in. We recommend putting the magnet away immediately after use and cleaning. This will ensure that it does not become attached to something else ferromagnetic, such as your boat.

Whether you're an avid treasure hunter, underwater explorer, curious scientist, property or water maintenance manager, or just the adventurous type - our multi-purpose 530lb Neodymium Fishing Magnet Kit provides a safe, reliable, top-quality solution for your magnetic fishing needs. It's the perfect recovery magnet, ready to help you uncover what's waiting for you below!

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Magnet Safety Warning

Please use extreme caution when handling these magnets. They are incredibly strong and powerful, and can pose a serious risk to your safety.

These large, grade N35 magnets are very difficult to separate and can snap back together with incredible speed and force. This may cause them to break and send small fragments flying into the air, potentially causing injury.

With 1100lbs of pull force, these magnets can also severely pinch your fingers if they snap back together. For your safety, keep these strong magnets far apart and at a safe distance of several feet or more once separated. Hand and eye protection is strongly recommended when handling these magnets.

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