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5mm Neodymium Rare Earth Sphere/Ball Magnets N35 Fidget Toy (216 Pack)

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Magnet Specifications
  • HIGH QUALITY MAGNETS: Nickel coated neodymium magnets are fun to play with, and will hold their magnetism for a lifetime
  • BOOST FOCUS: Studies show mindless fidget toys recharge the mind’s attention span and ability to concentrate
  • REDUCE STRESS: Fidget toys also lower anxiety, lessen ADHD/ADD symptoms and promote a sense of calm
  • EASILY STACK INTO COUNTLESS SHAPES: See how many different mini magnetic masterpieces you can create
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 5mm (7/32 inch) N35 neodymium rare earth sphere magnets, 216 count


Studies show minor distractions can boost productivity. By giving the mind a break, distractions like fidget toys can make it easier to pay attention to the appointed task upon returning to it.

The key thing that separates a fidget toy from other distractions is that it is used “for the enjoyment of the experience itself”, not to achieve any particular goal.

So, unfortunately, taking a break to play an iPhone game won’t bring you the same results as squeezing a stress ball, manipulating magnets, doodling or twirling a pen according to researchers.


Not only do fidget toys promote focus and concentration, they also create a sense of calm and control – while also reducing stress, anxiety, ADHD and ADD symptoms.

Fidget toys are also used to strengthen hands and 'warm-up' fingers before handwriting and other fine motor skill tasks. They’re also a favorite OT sensory diet tool. And they make the perfect gift for the person who has everything!


The totalElement desk fidget toy is comprised of 216 superior quality N35 neodymium rare earth magnets. With property handling, these magnets will retain their magnetic holding power virtually forever.


All totalElement magnets and magnetic products are covered by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, simply contact us and we’ll make it right.

Size: 0.1969 in (Diameter)
Metric Size: 5 mm
Grade: N35
Pull Force: 0.85 lb
Coating: Nickel-Copper-Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetization: Axially
Material: Neodymium (NdFeB)
Tolerance: +/- 0.004 in
Max Operating Temperature: 176 F
Surface Field: 8,065 Gauss
Quantity: 216 Spheres

Neodymium Magnet Safety Information